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Cork Laser hair removal

We are delighted to be able to offer Cynosure Elite plus Laser hair removal system in Cork. At Nurse Deborah’s we take pride in what we do. Our aim is to offer all our clients the best experience. We’re trained to give you the safest and most comfortable treatments available.  We set elevated standards of service delivery, aiming to give our clients the best we have to offer in every service we deliver. This includes the laser experience.


Why laser hair removal?


Our  medical grade laser is clinically proven to reduce hair fast and effectively


Our laser hair removal treatment will save you time and money and hassle in the long run.

Our Pay as you go price is for a course of 6 sessions, 6 weeks apart (body), the face is 4 weeks apart. We also will look after you if you need just top ups.


Laser treatment reduces the risk of ingrown hairs and leaves the skin smoother


Results can be seen almost immediately.

Shaving is encouraged in between sessions if required so there is no restriction when it comes to hair growth

Why Nurse Deborah?

At Nurse Deborah’s we take pride in what we do. Our aim is to offer all our clients the best experience. We’re trained to give you the safest and most comfortable treatments available.  We set elevated standards of service delivery, aiming to give our clients the best we have to offer in every service we deliver. This includes the laser experience.

Reasons to choose us!


Our laser hair removal machine!

We have the best medical grade laser machine available in the industry today (and Cork!). The sophisticated cooling system ensures that you enjoy the most comfortable experience possible. Our machine has been approved by the FDA so you know that it’s safe. It is designed to offer the best treatment for fine hair and darker skin.


Our education

At Nurse Deborah’s we believe in lifelong training. We have received in depth training in the application of the therapy. We regularly upgrade our skills to ensure that we stay abreast of changing technologies for your comfort and safety. Nurse Deborah is proud of her accomplishments in attaining the highest laser hair removal qualification. She’s a registered nurse with experience in ICU. You’re in safe hands because she has the medical background to ensure the application of laser technologies.


Our pricing

We will PRICE MATCH every clinic with  the same laser if you can show us a quote from competing clinic, we’ll happily match the price, as long as they offer the same modern technology.

Hollywood/Brazilian bikini
Bikini and Underarms (save €20)
Lower/upper legs, underarm and bikini
full legs, bikini and underarm

The amount of treatments required

Everyone is different and the number of treatments that will offer the preferred outcome will differ from person to person.

Most people need at least 6 to 8 treatments. We treat body areas every six weeks and facial areas every four. Top up will be needed after your course of treatments.

Come in for a consultation and we’ll explain it all to you.

Body area
Treated every 6 weeks
Face area
Treated every 4 weeks

the Process

We will be sure to give you all the time if you need more time. Tell your therapist!
Our specialised laser therapists are trained to the highest level and understand how you are feeling.
You are in safe hands! We follow very strict guidelines to ensure safe and effective results!
Our medical grade laser are the best in the industry and are designed to deliver the best results!

How to prepare for treatment?

Very lightly exfoliate the area 3 days before

Shave the area to be treated the night before

Stop applying tanning products to the area 14 days before and ensure all is gone for the treatment

Do not apply any product to the area to be treated on the day

Do not expose the area to the sunbeds or sunlight for 8 weeks before the treatment

What to wear for the treatment

Laser treatment leaves your skin sensitive and it may also feel warm. It is, therefore best that you wear clothing that won’t aggravate the situation. The rule of thumb is that you should always wear loosely fitted clothing when you are about to undergo a laser treatment. So, if you are having your legs treated, don’t wear tightly fitting jeans and if you’re having a bikini line done, wear loose fitting cotton underwear.
If you are having your legs treated please do not wear tight fitting jeans, to stop friction occurring.
If you are having a bikini treatment please wear cotton underwear to stop the friction occurring.

Time line of your treatment

You will notice the hair begins to fall out within 14 days
The hair regrowth begins to slow down
You will notice that the hair growth has become finer and lighter
The skin will become smoother and ingrown hairs will be no more
Treatment intervals will become much longer
By this stage results should be achieved and top up sessions will be advised by your therapist
Important things to remember before your treatment!

Area must be free from moisturisers, oils and lotions

✓ Area must be shaved as close as possible to the skin the night before

✓ Stop applying tanning products up to 10 days before treatment and make sure all residue is removed

✓ You must avoid bleaching, waxing and plucking the hair for 4 weeks before treatment.

✓ Must not expose area to be treated to the sun for 4 weeks before, if exposed apply spf 50

✓ Please do not take ibuprofen before the treatment

✓ Please stop the use of active skin care 2 days before and for 2 days after

✓ Try avoiding caffeine before appointment as this can increase your sensitivity

Important things to remember during your treatment!

✓ If you need to take a mild painkiller 1 hour before your treatment (not ibuprofen)

✓ Try to distract yourself, chat to your therapist, this will help take your mind off it.

✓ You will be fully aware of the treatment process so you’ll know what

✓ And breathe….it’s totally normal to be nervous, but you will be fine.

✓ Avoid contact with the area for 24 hours

✓ Avoid hot showers/baths, saunas and steam and any form of exercise for 24 hours.

✓ Do not apply any lotions, creams, or oils to the treated are for 48 hours and avoid exfoliation for 72 hours.

✓ Do not apply fake tan to the treated area for 72 hours.

✓ Please wear a minimum of spf 50 in any sunlight and avoid sunbeds

Cancellation/Rescheduling policy

We have a 48 hour cancellation or rescheduling policy on all treatments. If you cancel after this we will charge a 50% fee. We have had to introduce this to cut down on people cancelling or rescheduling.

This is because without adequate notice, we are unable to use the time allocated to your appointment.

Treatments like laser and lips need preparation for and last minute cancellations are difficult to fill.

A reschedule is a cancellation. If you are regularly cancelling your allocated appointment, we will discuss with you whether it is right to proceed with treatment.

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