How to protect
your skin

How to keep your skin on top form

The basic foundation of any good skin care routine should encompass protection of your skin. Your skin provides a shield against microbial pollutants present in the air around us. You can protect it through improvements in its general condition or through boosting its current function through the inclusion of antioxidants in your skincare routine.

Good protection should include both topical and dietary interventions that will help your skin to reach its peak potential. 

Antioxidants form an essential part of your diet. They also appear in many topical skin applications. They are known to provide crucial protection for the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines, pigmentation problems and dry and dull spots on the skin.

Antioxidants help your skin to combat ambient pollution.

Reactive oxygen species or ROS are produced as a normal part of the daily functioning of our cells. It is a by-product of metabolism, a vital part of life. The presence of UV radiation increases ROS production. This causes oxidative stress which results in photo-ageing, making the skin appear much older than it would under normal circumstances.

ROS merges with DNA, proteins and fats, and along the way, it changes the way that the cells function, causing the early ageing process. The damage the UV radiation causes is well documented and understood. Along with the surface damage to the skin which includes wrinkles, discolouration and general loss of tone, deeper damage such as cancer can cause illness and death.

Antioxidants are included in many of the more effective skincare products manufactured today. The aim of including them is to reduce the risks and the harm caused to the skin by the presence of ROS. The end result is healthier and more vibrant skin.

AOX Ferulic from Mesoestetics is one of the most advanced antioxidant concentrates on the market today. The synergist combination of active ingredients an their concentrations ( 15% absorbic acid, 0.5% ferulic acid and 1.5% Vitamin E) with a uniquely effective protective antioxidant action. Ferulic acid is involved in cellular antioxidant protection of fibroblasts. Vitamin C antioxidant, collagen booster and Pro-cell complex, a potent advanced antioxidant to boost protection against radiation and visible light.  To note when buying Vitamin C it will need to come as stabilised form, in a dark bottle and a concentration strength of 15 – 20 %.

Dermatologists have in recent years concentrated their efforts into researching and developing antioxidants that originate from plant extracts. The Aging Research Review recently discussed just such an extract, equol, which it is hoped will reduce the signs of ageing, resulting in healthier, younger looking skin.

Skin must be protected at all times from the ravages of the sun. On top of this, it must be adequately hydrated if it is to continue to produce collagen and remain firm and healthy.

Anti-oxidants form an essential part of the maintenance routine that will keep your skin looking younger for longer.